Winter Knitting Project

Posted by Teresa Eather on 8th May 2015

It is extremely cold here in Nundle, in fact it is always at least 7-9º cooler here than in Sydney or Tamworth. 

Lucky for me, we have an amazing and massive fireplace in our house. My yearly winter project since I have moved to Nundle to combat the cold nights is to knit. Knitting is so much fun. It keeps me warm and it is extremely satisfying when the knitting unfolds into a snug warm garment or scarf.

My mum taught me to knit when I was 9 years old, but it's only now as a forty something year old that I have begun to complete each knitting challenge. 

When I moved here four years ago, I decided to knit a scarf each for my friends in Sydney. I am now on my fourth scarf - slow progress but this project will keep my future winters challenging for many years to come!